Example stimuli and data from published manuscripts are provided here where possible.

**Update: Check out my CV page for more raw data links next to the article title.**

  • Example stimuli are provided for research purposes only.
  • Data from published papers are provided where possible, for research purposes only. 


Below is a list of papers and the associated files.

Ryskin, R. A., Wang, R. F., & Brown-Schmidt, S.  (2016). Listeners use speaker identity to access representations of spatial perspective during online language comprehension, Cognition, 147, 75-84. Raw data.

Yoon, S. O., Benjamin, A. S., & Brown-Schmidt, S. (2016). The historical context in conversation: Lexical differentiation and memory for the discourse history. Cognition, 154, 102-117. Click this link to access the raw data.

Yoon, S.O., & Brown-Schmidt, S. (in press). The influence of the historical discourse record on language processing in dialogue. Discourse Processes. Click this link to access the raw data.

Brown-Schmidt & Fraundorf (2015). Interpretation of informational questions modulated by joint knowledge and intonational contours. Journal of Memory and Language, 84, 49-74.

Brown-Schmidt, S. (2009). Partner-specific interpretation of maintained referential precedents during interactive dialog. Journal of Memory and Language, 61, 171-190.  Click this link to access the raw data.