My son, Otto, helped me with this book. We went through the house together and selected items for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. I had to wait for a bright sunny day to take the photographs--All were shot outside. The idea behind the book was to show how different shaped objects cast different types of shadows.


 My second book, "ABC What Can It Be?" is a guessing game in the form of an e-book. For each letter of the alphabet, it shows a shadow of an object that starts with that letter. The game is to guess what object made the shadow. You flip to the next page and it shows you!






 My third book in the Alphabet Shadows series is "Which is Which? A shadow guessing game". It is a game in which you see two shadows and the names of two objects, and guess which object made which shadow. I selected the shadows to be confusable, though they range in difficulty from pretty easy to darn hard! It turns out to be a fun game and one that I enjoy playing with my 3 year old son.