If you are interested in being a graduate student or a postdoctoral fellow in my lab, please send me an email so we can talk about openings in my lab and possibilities for research. To apply to work with me as a graduate student, you should apply to the Cognitive Division in the Department of Psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The application requirements and deadline (in December) are described here.


If you are interested in being an undergraduate research assistant (290 or volunteer), please read the following information:

Primary responsibilities of research assistants are coding conversational speech data, preparing stimuli for experiments and running subjects. Many of our experiments involve the use of a remote eye-tracker, which monitors the gaze of subjects as they complete the experiment. As a research assistant in the Conversation Lab, you will be trained on how to use the eye-tracker, as well as a number of other techniques for psychological research. The lab is located in the Psychology Building. A minimum commitment of 6-8 hours/ week is required. A set schedule for the semester is required, but there is flexibility in when you can schedule your hours for.

To apply for a 290 or volunteer research position in the Conversation Lab, please answer the questions below and email them to:  conversationlabuiuc@gmail.com

Application questions for conversation lab:

  1. Name
  2. Major
  3. Year in school & expected graduation date
  4. GPA
  5. Do you have any research experience?
  6. What languages do you speak?
  7. When & where (e.g. Kansas, England..) did you learn English?
  8. Which semester would you like to start?
  9. How many credit hours do you want to do the 290 for (3-4 hrs/ week = 1 credit).
  10. How many semesters would you like to do this 290 for?
  11. Why are you interested in this 290?
  12. Your email address.