Springtime in my garden: A guessing game

I recently published two new books on the Nook store and the Kindle store:
Springtime in my garden: A guessing game. [Nook] [Kindle]

Springtime in my garden: A second guessing game. [Nook] [Kindle]

These are pretty fun books. You see three pictures, two from one plant, and one from a different plant.

The game is to figure out which picture is different. Flip to the next page to see!


Same Same Different: My new series of books!

I just published the first two books in my new series, called "Same Same Different".

Like my first three books, these also feature photographs of natural items from our daily life.

These books focus on the ambiguity in language. The first one, called "bark: two kinds" showcases over twenty different types of bark from local trees. The last page shows a different kind of bark-- our dog, Homer, barking. This highlights what is called a "noun-verb" ambiguity where a word both written and spoken in the same way can have two unrelated meanings: the bark on a tree vs. the barking noise that a dog sometimes makes.

The second book in the series also shows pictures of bark. This one is called "bark: a guessing game", and it is a lot like the other guessing games I have made. In this one, you see three different pictures of bark, two from one tree, and a second type of bark from a second tree. The game is to guess which is the odd one out. Flip to the next page to find out the answer. It's definiltely challenging, but potentially a lot of fun for a little kid (I would guess 3-10 years is a reasonable age range).


Both books are available on the Nook store and on the Kindle store.