Otto's birthday cake

This is Otto's apple cake (per his request) for his 3rd birthday! Next year my goal is to color the frosting using blueberry juice.


Sash cord repair!

This week I learned how to repair a sash cord. We own a 120 year old victorian and, not surprisingly, the sash cords have started to go. I found this webpage very useful, as it has a video showing what you'll need to do.

The first cord we repaired took about an hour and a half. I had to stop about 15 minutes into the job to nurse my youngest son, and my parents took over for me.fitting the new sash cord with a knot in the slot in the windowthe broken sash cord The next two windows I did with the help of my older son, Otto, and they took 45 min and 20 min, respectively. Not bad for a job that's described by some as "one of the hardest repairs a homeowner will ever do!" Ha to that!

 the weight that balances the window


My second book!

My second book, "ABC, What Can It Be? An Alphabet Shadows Guessing Game", is now available on the Kindle store and for the Nook!


My first book!

My first book, Alphabet Shadows, is available for purchase on Amazon's kindle store, for the nook, and in print!

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